The Many Benefits of Using Water Softeners in Houston

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Alamo Water Solutions Houston - Drinking Water - Water Filtration

Alamo Water Solutions Houston – Drinking Water – Water Filtration

Water is life. Without water, all living creatures will die. Majority of the world has been educated by the World Health Organization on the importance of access to clean potable water. Water purifiers are essential so that human beings do not ingest contaminated water that’s laden with bacteria, parasites, and harmful chemicals like lead, plastic, and other substances.

Everyone understands the significance of water purifiers, but there is a new product in the market today called water softeners, which performs an equally important job. As the term implies: water purifiers purify water, while water softeners make the water soft. Water softening turns hard water, that’s filled with magnesium, calcium, and other metals, into a softer and more gentle water.

Filtering out these harmful compounds with a soft water system is proven to be beneficial to your health. This is not a frivolous purchase, but one that actually offers many other energy saving and home benefits, making the soft water system a great investment. Read on below to find out in great details about the numerous advantages of purchasing a soft water system for the home.

The Low Down on Hard Water

Tap water can easily be contaminated with lead and plastic. On top of that, minerals also naturally end up in the water. The former is extremely harmful for the body and must be eliminated immediately. Minerals, in the right amounts, can be safely consumed. Hence, there is even a product called mineral water.

Water that is coming from sources like lakes and rivers will always have traces of minerals when examined. It is a fairly common occurrence for zinc, magnesium, calcium, and the like to end up in tap water of home’s near these water reservoirs. Water with excessive minerals are called hard water. These elements accumulate over time and the buildup transforms into limestone and chalk.

If left untreated, the aforementioned particles will surely buildup in many homes’ pipes. It is known to clog pipes and leave behind many sediments that reduces the efficiency of some pipes and water reliant appliances like washing machines, water heaters, shower heads, and the like. Moreover, it can complicate the dissolution of soap and detergent, harm skin and hair, increase energy consumption, leave unsightly water spots and discolorations, and so on.

Kids giving clean drinking water to car - Alamo Water

How Does a Water Softener System Work?

Treating hard water with a soft water system can reduce the negative effects of hard water. The idea behind water softeners is they remove the harmful ions in water. There are two ways these are done by attaching the system into the water supply: by salt-based water systems or by alt-free water systems.

Both anti-scale systems pave the way for the transformation of calcium ions to calcium crystals. The latter are more stable and will not attach to pipes, hardware, surface areas, and other fixtures. These crystals will not cause lime deposits in pipes and heaters as they are also neutral, harmless, and heat resistant. Since the crystals are so minute, they can be readily rinsed away with the normal flow of water.

Traditionally, hard water is treated with a salt-based system which add adds sodium to the water. Salt results in the reduction of scales or calcium deposits. Sodium has a negative charge which attracts the positive calcium and magnesium ions. Once they are bonded, removal is easy. This is the preferred treatment for severe and extreme conditions of hard water.

Salt-free water softening systems are the preferred choice for the more treatable hard water. They do not pump salt into the water system. What happens, instead, is that hard water is removed through magnetic or electrical currents. Advantages of this method are there is no build up of sodium and there is no electricity requirement, which is much safer for the environment.

Better Tasting Water

Utilizing a soft water system means that the home’s occupants will have access to cleaner and better tasting water. Less mineral sediments coming from hard water means less impurities. The cleaner the water is then the safer it is for the body.

Preserve the Plumbing System

Untreated hard water will not just build up in shower heads or accumulate in hot water heaters, they will lead to the eventual clogging of pipes in homes. These clogged pipes will cause larger issues in the future because the deposits calcify and become hard to remove as the days go by. As these pipes clog up, the flow of water slows down immensely. This can lead to undue wear and tear or even permanent damage to pipes. By installing a water system, the pipes become protected and preserved, ensuring the longevity of the home pipes.

Reduce Expensive Bills

Since soft water systems improve the flow of water, there is less chance of having to pay for an over haul of plumbing. There is also overall less water consumption in the household because water pressure is greatly improved. This means that there will also be lesser water bills. On top of that, water heaters loaded with calcium scales and lime deposits mean they do not function efficiently. Improving their optimization with soft water systems will mean there is less energy involved in heating up water. This reduces the monthly energy bills, while also reducing the home’s carbon footprint consumption, which is totally beneficial to the environment.

Save on Damages to Fixtures and Appliances

A water softener system can help take better care of the home’s fixtures and appliances. It has the ability to preserve and extend the life not just of the pipes and the plumbing, but of all fixtures and water appliances like water heaters, washing machines, coffee makers, ice makers, shower heads, faucets, and dishwashers. This saves people a lot of money from having to constantly replace their defective items that have been damaged by hard water. More importantly, appliances work better when there is less deposits on their pipes.

Spend Less Time Cleaning

When deposits accumulate over time, they leave an unsightly white crust and disgusting looking hard water stains near the fixtures. This is very hard to remove and may require some intense scrubbing. Even with these steps, it may be impossible to remove them. Resorting to harsh cleaning chemicals may be the only option, which can be hazardous for people and the environment. With a water softening system in place, all these problems will be eradicated. There will be less time spent cleaning and less money used on harsh chemical cleaning agents.

Leaves Skin and Hair Softer Than Ever

It is critical to remember that soap becomes less effective in hard water because of its reaction to the calcium or magnesium with the acid of the soap. As a result, people do not get the many benefits of their skin care or hair products. Skin that has been rinsed with hard water is said to feel scratchy and dry, which can be attributed to the soap scum. It can even become itchy and irritated because the minerals in hard water deplete the skin’s natural oils. Hair that has been washed with hard water is reportedly dull-looking and sticky. Hair will have leftover traces of calcium and magnesium, making it feel brittle and dry. What’s even worse is when the hair ends up looking so frizzy. A water softener system will help to preserve both the hair and skin. With a softener in place, hair will be a lot silkier and skin will be a lot smoother. There will also be less soap and shampoo consumption.

Alamo kids clean laundry - clean waterHave Cleaner Clothes and Dishes

Hard water can leave behind traces of minerals in clothing and dishes. Remember, soap does not dissolve well with hard water so traces of minerals are left in these items. These traces can cause clothes, dishes, and silverware to fade. The installation of a water softener system improves water flow, enabling the dishwasher and clothes washer to function well, resulting in cleaner items all through out. There will be softer clothes, eradicating the hard minerals trapped in the fabric. Fabrics can now last longer and whites can stay brighter without cloud looking gray color left by hard water. There will also be shinier dishes, cutlery, and glass-wares.

Bottom Line

Opting to install a water softener system may seem arduous and expensive, but it is actually something that can be easily accomplished in a matter of hours. Calling the professionals at Alamo Water Solutions in Houston would make things go seamlessly, but if people are trying to save money, they can try their hand installing in installing the water system by themselves.

To some, having a soft water system feels unnecessary. However, the trend these days indicate that people are beginning to see soft water systems as more than just a luxury. With the many benefits of using a water softener system tied up to the main plumbing, it is has also now turned into a necessity. It is not a joke to clean accumulated deposits. Having this water softener will not just help with the cleaning component, it will also save tons of money making it an essential investment to any home or even office.

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