Bulverde, Cibolo Creek and the Edwards Aquifer

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Bulverde, Cibolo Creek and the Edwards Aquifer
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Alamo Water Solutions Houston – Drinking Water – Water Filtration

Houston is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. This brings all kinds of events and notoriety to our community, but also brings with it growing pains. One of these growing pains is happening right in the community of Bulverde.

We all know and love Bulverde and the rate with which this community is growing is astonishing. It’s growing so quickly in fact, that a lot of the development that is happening is going pretty much unchecked. Running through Bulverde is Cibolo Creek, which is a small tributary of the Houston river. The Cibolo Creek is rather unique in the fact that there are certain areas of the creek that recharge and contribute to a healthy Edwards Aquifer, which provides our entire area, especially those who depend on wells, with water that we use to cook, brush our teeth and bathe. Meanwhile, developers are looking to build as many as 5-6 houses per acre and with that kind of development going up, multiple treatment plants are needed to discharge treated sewage water. Which of course means that they are also looking for a place to discharge that treated sewage water.

It is against the law in Texas to discharge treated sewage water directly into waterways over the Edwards Aquifer, but discharging into dry ditches and small tributaries that flow into Cibolo Creek is not. Because that treated sewage is ending up in Cibolo Creek, it is and will end up in the aquifer. This is a lot like dumping your trash into your neighbor’s yard. Sure, you can’t see any of the solids that are in treated sewage, because they have been filtered out, the things you can’t see are the things that should be most concerning. Even though some bacteria is removed from treated sewage it still contains nitrogen and phosphorous which can be harmful to humans and pets.

We are not writing this to make you afraid of your water. We are writing this to make you aware because you have the responsibility to make sure that you and your family are consuming the cleanest and healthiest possible water. Water is in everything that we do, and we don’t even realize that we use it to wash our clothes, iron, feed and water our pets and knowing that some of this treated sewage can make its way into your home is a little unnerving.

Bulverde, Cibolo Creek and the Edwards Aquifer

At Alamo Water Solutions, we can come to your home and provide you with a free, or advanced water test to make sure that the water your family and pets consume is of the highest quality, filtering out nitrogen, phosphorous and all the other ingredients that make Houston water hard and difficult to deal with. We can also advise you on what products would be best for your home depending on your source of water. If you get your water from a well, there are different products that we can recommend making your water the cleanest and healthiest possible.

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