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“Hunger does not discriminate.” Which is why we are proud to partner with our friends at KTSA and the Houston Food Bank and be a drop off location for Trey Ware’s 2nd annual Food Drive to end hunger in the greater Houston area. We are proud to be a food drop location to help the entire city of Houston. We, and a lot of our customers have been very fortunate to live very blessed lives so it really means something to us to be a part of passing along those blessings to others who are in need in our community.

The Houston Food Bank plays an extremely large role in people’s lives who, for whatever reason are not able to provide for themselves. This is particularly important around the holidays, then immediatly after the holidays, the Food Bank has very minimal resources. We were able to spend time with one of our clients, Theresa who shared her story with us.

Alamo Water Solutions Houston - Drinking Water - Water Filtration

Alamo Water Solutions Houston – Drinking Water – Water Filtration

About 10 years ago, Theresa was diagnosed with a severe medical condition and ultimately chose to quit her job that she loved because of the time it was going to take for her body to heal and recover from all the medical treatments she had to endure. Shortly after she made this decision to leave her career, her husband also lost his job, and their medical insurance along with it. Because of this, they ended up draining their bank accounts paying for treatments and medicine and ultimately lost their home. The young couple ended up living with family here in town for more than a few months. Thankfully, during that period Theresa was on the mend, clear of her medical condition and her husband was able to secure part time work, which afforded them rent for a small apartment. While they had a roof over their heads, they could not afford to purchase groceries for themselves, or their young child. They simply fell on hard times. So they had to swallow their pride and go to the Food Bank which helped them provide sustenance for their child as well as Theresa’s specific dietary needs while she was continuing to recover. The Houston Food Bank was there for Theresa, and will continue to be a resource for the entire city of Houston, but without donations, they will not be able to do the good work and lend assistance to those who have merely had a string of bad luck or who have fallen on hard times.

There are so many other stories. We have heard stories of our soldiers coming home wounded from defending our country who have fallen on hard times, folks who have done everything to help others close to them, only to have life deal them a bad hand. It is not our place to judge those around us, instead we choose to live life in service of others.

As a drop off location for Trey Ware’s 2nd Annual food drive, the Food Bank is in need of the following items. Peanut Butter, dry cereal, canned tuna, beans, rice, mac n’ cheese, canned soups and stews, canned luncheon meats as well as any pop top food items. Please come on in and donate what you can. We are located at 3823 Thousand Oaks Drive, Houston, Texas, 78217. This is the example that we want to set in our community, by helping and lending a hand wherever we are needed. You can learn more about the Houston Food Bank and their mission to fight hunger in our community here.

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