How to Save Water During the Holidays

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Alamo Water Solutions Houston - Drinking Water - Water Filtration

Alamo Water Solutions Houston – Drinking Water – Water Filtration

This is the time of year where we are all a little busier than normal. We don’t have time to think about our water usage. In all honesty, water usage is something that we should always be thinking about. It is the one thing that we all need to make our holidays as special as possible and not having the highest quality water can force us to use more than we actually need.

Having clean, soft water can also help your coffee, tea and foods taste better and dealing with the hard water in the Houston area can bee difficult. At Alamo Water Solutions we are experts at dealing with hard water here in the Greater Houston area, so no matter whether you live in New Bruanfels, Live Oak, Boerne, Bulverde, Fair Oaks Ranch or any of the other outlying areas, we have products that can help your water taste better and ensure it is the safest for your family and pets.

family doing things in the kitchen

During this most wonderful time of year, when you’re entertaining out-of-town guests or cooking at a higher volume, we always use more water than we normally do. Well, except for the HOT summer months as we try to keep cool and keep our lawns alive. After Thanksgiving and throughout the New Year, it’s not uncommon to see a spike in your water bill. To help, here are a few tips for lowering your water bill during a period when people often see an increase.

For the kitchen:

1) Consider refilling a pitcher of water and keeping it in the fridge to decrease the amount of time you run your faucet.

2) Use an appropriate pan size when cooking.

3) Wash your dishes (and produce!) in a basin of water rather than under a running tap. The excess water can also be used to water your holiday tree as well as some indoor plants, like Poinsettia’s. Also, hand-wash dishes that may take up a lot of space in your dishwasher.

4) Make sure to limit the number of times you run your dishwasher, and only wash full loads.

For holiday laundry:

1) Wash only full loads of clothes. Pool together your guests’ clothes to conserve.

2) When doing laundry, match the water level to the size of the load.

3) When you wash a full size load each time rather than more frequent small loads, you can save up to 600 gallons each month.

For the bathroom:

1) If you’re able, install low flow fixtures and water-saving appliances before your guests arrive. This will save you money even after the holidays are over!

2) If you have more people than usual taking showers, make sure to discuss your bathrooms quirks to your guest(s). A friendly reminder that we are all trying to conserve can be helpful.

3) Encourage family and friends to turn off the faucet while they brush their teeth.

4) Place a brick or a sand-filled jug in the tank of your toilet. With a one-gallon container, you can save up to a gallon of water per flush.

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