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Alamo Water Pros’ AO Smith Water Solutions products use the latest technology and features available to provide your home with softened, high quality water.

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Alamo Water Pros is the most trusted name in Water Treatment in San Antonio. We are about more than just water treatment company. Find out more about our companies service to our customers and community.

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Information is paramount in water cleanliness and safety. We want to provide you with the tools to insure you are getting the best info available from our experts.

What Our Neighbors Are Saying About Us

Dallas M. and Bishop V. took great care of us from start to finish. They were both informative, professional, and courteous. You’ll even get a text on the days of your appointments with a picture and short bio of the staff members that are coming to call. Nice touch! Our drinking water, skin, hair, and plumbing, among other things, are all grateful. Highly recommend!

Mel V.
I worked with Dallas McClarty, great customer service! My house wasn’t pre-plumbed, they did the pipe installation, added two exterior faucets, and I purchased the Alamo Gold system. I’m very happy with it, I could tell the difference with the water immediately. And our water used to be very hard!

Eddie V
Keith came out for a follow up visit, after installation of my water softening system 40 days ago. He tweaked the system to not recycle the water quite so fast, resulting in better-tasting water, and the ice in my refrigerator is now clearer. Keith was very pleasant, knowledgeable, explained more in depth about how the system works, and really is a good company representative.

Kay S.


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