Residential Water Softener Systems & Service in San Antonio

Alamo Water Pros is driven to do the right thing for our neighbors through providing the best residential water softener systems and service available. We are proud to be your local authorized AO Smith dealer and offer products with a level of integrity to match our own. Alamo Water Pros specializes in water softeners, water filtration, and water conditioning. All of our water treatment systems are made in the USA and are designed to address the very hard water in the San Antonio, Comal county, and Atascosa county areas.  We love helping to transform houses into homes, because your family matters.

We want to help you find the residential water softener systems and service in San Antonio that are best for your home and family.  Depending on your water source, click on any of the products below to learn more.

Alamo Water Pros – AO Smith LOWES – ONE Contaminant Reduction System®

The Alamo Water Pros AO Smith LOWES – ONE Contaminant Reduction System is our most popular product by far.  There’s no need for two systems with the AO Smith LOWES – ONE.

This two stage system is certified to protect your home from lead, cysts, and other harmful contaminants such as PFOA and PFOS.* Accompanied by a A. O. Smith softener or filter, your home is assured the best quality water possible. The system would add the reduction of hardness minerals, like calcium, to prevent scale build up in your plumbing, on your fixtures, and inside your appliances. Building the system with a A. O. Smith filter would help reduce sulfur, odor, iron, red stains or turbidity.

The electronics behind the A. O. Smith softener or filter will track the lifespan of the unique ONE cartridge, monitoring its capacity for up to 100,000 gallons of use.

With an environmentally friendly design, the AO Smith LOWES – ONE system delivers the clear, soft, fresh water you want and need!

  • Whole – house water treatment system
  • Designed to handle high flow rates
  • Automatic cartridge replacement alerts
  • Reduces hardness, making your detergents and appliances operate more efficiently saving you money
  • Minimizes water and salt use to save you money
  • Monitors and self-adjusts to water use patterns and changes
  • Simple Cartridge Replacement design

Residential Water Softener

Appliances running on hard water lose efficiency over time, as limescale buildup and mineral deposits slow it down and require more energy to run. This limits the effectiveness of any major appliance that uses water and costs you money.   Hard water can impact your entire home and your health.  When water flows through a water softener, the system filters out these hard water minerals and the softened water then leaves the water softening system to flow through plumbing.

Water Softener Delivery

Ready to install your residential water softener system? Want to test your homes water quality? Need more salt for your softener? Eliminate the work and the hassle by bringing better drinking water directly to your home, hand-delivered by Alamo Water Pros. Get what you need delivered now by scheduling an appointment or contact Alamo Water Pros in San Antonio  today at (210) 274-6122.

Do not let the hard water affect your plumbing and the performance of your electrical appliances. If you require repairs, don’t hesitate to contact us for residential water softener systems and service in San Antonio today. Contact our Alamo Water Pros team today for more details.

Why Alamo Water Pros?

Alamo Water Solutions will save you money. Our water softener and filtration systems are designed to be the highest quality equipment with the least amount of maintenance