World Mental Health Day is October 10th

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We all know that there is a lot going on in our country right now, especially as we get close to the November election. There is a lot of worry in the world right now, whether it is about the election, the health of the ones we love or taking care of our neighbors ensuring they have everything they need to take care of their families. Or even our own families. That’s why on October 10th we want to make sure you have some tools to help you and you loved ones and neighbors cope with everything that is happening in our world now. Special thanks to Ted Williams and our friends at Genesis Behavioral Health with a few strategies that can help us all. If you are in need of some additional assistance more immediately, please give them a call at (210) 404-9696. The great folks at Genesis are dedicated to making lives better through healing and hope. Their primary mission is to show the love of God by providing people with great mental health care. God shows his love in many ways, especially through healing and hope.

Take A News Break

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If things get a little hectic in life and you are tuned in to the news on a frequent basis, take a break. We are living in a constant 24 hour news cycle and that can be overwhelming for both men and women. Women tend to become more worried about the state of the world around them and men tend to become more angry and aggressive. News is designed to capture our attention by telling us all of the bad things that are happening in the world and our mobile devices make it harder to escape that world and focus on our blessings and living in the moment.

Give Yourself Some Credit

Rozalia Carrasco, PA-C at Genesis said, “Many people are struggling to see over the various hurdles placed in front of them during these unusual and unprecedented times our society is facing. Whether it be related to the pandemic, economic hardships or social injustices that have been brought to light, we are all struggling to keep criticism at bay. The worst of which may be our own self critic.” This is so true, we are always our own worst enemy, so remember to set aside some time everyday to acknowledge the things you are grateful for. Or take a short walk outdoors with someone close to you and discuss the things that are going well in life. This is an easy tactic that can refresh your perspective. We don’t often enough give ourselves credit for the small wins that we have everyday. Focus on those. There is plenty of time to focus on other things, but make sure to give yourself credit for the simple things.

Contact Genesis Behavioral Health

Our friends at Genesis Behavioral Health are really great and offer a variety of treatments that can help you through tough times. We are all going through them in one way or another. From Counseling to Psychiatry and they even offer counseling groups. More information on all of their services can be found here or just give them a call today at (210) 404-9696.